General Election Information

The Clerk is responsible for conducting all federal, state, school and local elections.   Some of the most frequently asked questions are here for your review.  As always, if you have additional questions, dont hesitate to call our office at 586-786-0010.


Where do we register to vote?

You may register to vote at the Clerk's office during regular office hours or any Secretary of State Office.


Where do we vote?

The Township has 9 polling precincts.  Once you register to vote, you will receive a voter I.D. card stating the exact location for you.  If you are currently registered and cannot locate your voter I.D. card, call us for assistance.


Who can vote Absentee?

Anyone may vote by absentee by submitting an application with your full name, address, and the reason you need to vote absentee ballot, which may include the following reasons:

     60 years of age or older 

     You will be out of the community on Election Day 

     You are physically unable to attend the polls


You must sign and date the application for us to provide you with a ballot.

Applications are accepted at the Clerk's office.  You may bring your form in person, drop it at our convenient drop box in front of Township Hall, or mail it to us at






Absent Voter Ballot Application

Election Brochure

County Election Information

Washington Twp Precinct Map